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Remembering Grandma and Grandpa

   Cristin and I met at a networking function in Las Vegas just a few months ago. She was eager to work with me to create a Custom Crossword Puzzle for her upcoming family gathering, and we got together over coffee to come up with ideas.    She told me that, for as long as she could remember, her Mom and Aunt would have a competition during the holidays to come up with the most inventive, family-related creation. One year it was wind chimes made from family silverware. Another it was a quilt made with squares of clothing worn by different generations.    Well, we came up with a crossword puzzle all about her Grandma and Grandpa, who had both passed, highlighting milestones in their lives.. people, places, and events depicting their time together. It was a pleasant remembrance about them both, helping to ease their absence during the holidays.    She gave out the puzzle for everyone to work, and presented the keepsake in a double frame.. one side with photos of the couple, and