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Engaging the Kids at Your Family Reunion

Having the Family Reunion out at the farm this summer? Want a fun, interactive way to teach the kids, big and small, some family history? Let's create a CrossWord Puzzle, with interesting information about the lives of Great Aunt Myrt, Grandpa Henry, and Great-Grandma Agnes! Make it a contest to win cash, and you'll even get all the kids intermingling with everyone to learn the answers! Activities that divert attention away from electronics is something we all need, but especially the kids today. Instant gratification makes it tough to teach patience. Reading actual books and working word puzzles opens up your mind, and gives the eyes a rest! So, bring along other fun and games.. perhaps a whiffle ball set and cardboard bases for a slower-moving game of baseball.. or there's badminton, or volleyball, horseshoes.. get the whole family up and at 'em in some way when you see them, and they'll thank you for it later!