To Spell, or Not to Spell

Greetings, fellow word enthusiasts!

As a crossword and word search puzzle writer for nearly 27 years, I must say there are still words that trip me up sometimes, and it can become quite frustrating.. As we all know, words don't always look right when their spelled correctly, so we tend to second-guess ourselves.

A few tips I've picked up over the years include making a list of things you have trouble with, such as correct spellings, grammar rules, definitions, etc. Keep the list visible for easy access, so you're more likely to double-check your writing.

Read your message, wait awhile, and read it again. Preferably, you can walk away and do something else for a bit. The more time that passes between the writing process and proofreading, the better you'll be at spotting any errors that your brain automatically fixed the first time you proofread.

Read it out loud, too, to be sure it sounds sensible, then read it backwards to emphasize each individual word, which will help you notice repeated words, misspellings, and odd formatting. Oftentimes, changing the font will help you see things you may not have otherwise.

The bottom line is, before you hit Send, make sure your message comes across clear and concise.. including your text messaging. Reread before you send.. don't let Auto-Correct become your worst enema!


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